On this page is a live list of the learning networks that are active across the Trust with staff from every academy attending. For each network the group have identified clear objectives in what they want to achieve as a collective which have clear success criteria.

Trust Networks 2021/2022



Objective 2021/22

Success Criteria

Digital Strategy



1. To create networks with strategic leads across the Trust to establish where digital can enable key priorities around Reading, Independent learning and Community

2. To establish pilot projects and review the impact

3. To coordinate a Trust wide CPD offer that will support staff development in digital.

1. All leaders support and promote the implementation of the digital strategy with stakeholders

2. Pilot projects clearly evidence educational impact and meet agreed success criteria

3. Staff CPD audit evidences increased competence with digital across the Trust.

Research and Development


1. To coordinate a research and development framework across the Trust

2. To share best practice in R+D from all staff involved in the action research programme

3. to evaluate through peer review the impact of the research and development (action research programme)

1. All academies have fully implemented the research and development framework

2. A group of 20+ staff across the Trust are fully engaged in the action research programme

3. Best practice is shared across the Trust from evidenced R+D

Early Career Framework


1. To ensure the effective and consistent implementation of the early career teacher policy across the Trust

2. To share best practice in staff development and to coordinate shared CPD opportunities where appropriate

1. External reviews evaluate effective policies are in place at each academy

2. Early career teachers feel supported, with 100% retention rates and value the CPD provided



Trust Standard leads + Subject Leaders

1.Develop quality + shared curriculum/resources

2. T+L/Curriculum  good practice shared across the Trust

3. Create opportunities to moderate assessments

4. Peer review opportunities developed to evaluate curriculum

1. High standard curriculum resources are created and shared

2. Curriculum areas show improvement and meet Academy card targets

3. Moderation ensures accurate assessments in key areas across the Trust

Safeguarding/Well- being


1. To develop students wellbeing standardised surveys

2. To share best practice in staff wellbeing and action survey feedback comparisons

3. To develop succession leadership throughout all safeguarding teams

4. To create tiered safeguarding standards for the Trust

1. Student surveys are consistent per key stage at each Academy

2. Staff wellbeing/ feedback improves as per Staff pulse

3. The safeguarding teams have well equipped and experienced safeguarding teams regardless of staff mobility

4. Academies develop safeguarding to Platinum standard so safeguarding is robust, thorough and exemplar practice.



1. Improve QFT through implementing, evaluating and monitoring revised SEN Policies and Procedures  (involvement in pilot project of local Trusts)

2. Implement a Level 1 SEND CPD Course that staff are expected to complete every two years (just as they are for Child Protection).

3. Enhance the Inclusion pathway for vulnerable children

4. Develop SEN Parent/Carer forums and implement further opportunities for parents/carers of children with SEND to engage with each academy/the Trust including developing an online SEND hub.

1. Increased % of good or better lessons that support SEND. Positive curriculum/peer reviews across /and with other Trusts.

2. All staff to have improved understanding of SEN needs and strategies about how to meet them

3. Reduce the number of FTE for SEN pupils and increase the attendance of SEN pupils

4. Improved parent/carer engagement



1. Improve the attendance at each academy

2. Consistent intervention process developed across the Trust

3. Attendance leads to share successful strategies so that Academies can adjust provision and resources to maximise effectiveness

1. Attendance for each Academy will be at or above their 2019 figure and meet academy card targets

2. Clear intervention process is in place at each Academy with the same warning letters, pastoral support strategies and trigger points used

3. Academies review the impact of strategies used, at least termly, so they can respond/adjust provision with evidence-based interventions



  1. To coordinate a progressive trust wide enrichment pathway for all pupils from EYFS to KS4
  2. All academies offer engaging enrichment activities that supports and enhances their curriculum offer
  3. To introduce a character measurement system to evaluate the individual academies personal development which embeds each academies cores values.
  1. All Academies offer a high quality enrichment provision which provides wider personal development for pupils and strong character education.
  2. An enrichment pathway that connects all Alpha Academies Trust pupils, through Alpha adventure days and provides opportunity to access experiences beyond their their own community.
  3. Personal welfare & development of pupils is at least good in all academies.



1. All academies awarded the SMSC Quality Mark.

2. Enhance stronger primary provision for SMSC

3. Develop engaging events and trips programme for the trust

1. All academies awarded with positive reports

2. Consistent and effective SMSC practice evaluated across primary academies

3. SMSC network evaluates positively the impact of events and trips programme on their SMSC provision

Business Managers


1. Strengthening communication across Administration areas.

2. Share good practice and ideas to achieve smarter working practices.

3. Utilise digital technologies in operational areas to become more effective and efficient.

4. To provide staff development opportunities for all operational staff.

1. Clear communication is consistent across all communication vehicles.

2. Best practice is implemented across all sites to give greater impact.

3. Digital technologies in place to deliver services.

4. Operational staff are aware of apprenticeships, offered training opportunities and succession planning in place.

Other networks

Executive Board-1/2 termly

Principal/VP days- Termly

SLT leadership events- Jan/July

SLT strategic networks (eg T+L,Behaviour,Achievment etc)- Needs basis

Trust Standard Leads strategy session- ½ termly

Why Alpha?

To put children / students first and at the heart of all thinking

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Achieving objectives with a clear success criteria

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