If you are interested in joining Alpha please explore our purpose and aims through this link.

Alpha Academies Trust has established a clear purpose supported by some common values which are listed below.

It is important that stakeholders see the value in working as a collaborative group of academies as well as retaining their own distinct individual character. Below lists the main themes and focus areas in how as a Trust we succeed.

Alpha Academies Trust is committed to becoming a civic leader in the local area and to work constructively with the Local authority and other Trusts to lead transformational change.

Economies of scale

The Alpha Academies has used economies of scale to establish a highly effective back-office function. The following central services are provided by the Trust

  • IT Infrastructure and Digital Transformation
  • Finance Management
  • Human Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Contracts Management
  • Estates Management
  • Policies
  • Business Management
  • Legal

We will tender for the group rather than for individual academies and this will achieve economies of scale.

This infographic provides some details to what it will be like to join the Alpha Academies Trust.


Why Alpha?

To put children / students first and at the heart of all thinking

Our Networks

Achieving objectives with a clear success criteria

Our Team

Our team which drives our purposes and aims