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The Discovery Academy

Our largest Academy opened in September 2011 and moved into a new £25 million accommodation in September 2013. Student numbers are increasing and attainment for all students is improving steadily. The highly qualified and committed staff follow the ‘mission statement’ of Expect Excellence. Steady improvement was validated by Ofsted in 2016 with good judgments for teaching, behaviour and leadership. In 2017 we are very proud that Discovery was the most improved Academy in the City, with results continuing to improve in 2018.

“The quality of teaching and the curriculum have improved significantly. Both suit the needs of pupils and accelerate their progress.”

“Governors are relentless in their drive for higher standards. Their support and challenge are effective in improving current standards.”

“There is a clear sense of equality and inclusion in the school. Diversity is recognised and valued. This encourages harmony in the community in which the school is located and in the wider area. Pupils told inspectors, ‘Everybody is welcome here’.”

The Excel Academy

Holden Lane High School converted to become the Excel Academy in March 2014 and has consistently been one of the highest performing academies in Stoke-on-Trent. Student numbers are increasing rapidly as the success of the Academy has led to many years being oversubscribed. It is the school of choice in the north of the city and is housed in new build and refurbished buildings.

The Academy was inspected by Ofsted in November 2016 and maintained a ‘Good’ judgement and is focused on becoming an outstanding provision.

“Expectations of staff and pupils are high. There is a strong team spirit across staff at all levels in the school and they are very committed to the school’s ethos of ‘Pride and Respect’.”

“The Excel Academy is now the school of choice for an increasing number of local parents and, consequently, it is now oversubscribed and has large cohorts in lower year groups.”

“The great majority of parents who responded to Ofsted’s online questionnaire, Parent View, confirmed that their children make good progress in school and that they would recommend the school to other parents. One parent wrote, ‘I am very happy with my child’s education. My child enjoys school and is happy to attend Excel Academy. I couldn’t wish for more.’”

Maple Court Academy

Maple Court is a large primary academy with almost 500 pupils located in the Bentilee area of Stoke-on-Trent. Children enter the Academy with very low literacy and numeracy skills and the academy is ambitious to provide all pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding to succeed in later life. We expect excellence from everyone and believe that all of our pupils can achieve excellence too.

The Alpha Academies Trust sets a very clear vision for all its educational providers: to champion the life chances of learners in the community it serves. This vision is systematically implemented in Maple Court Academy. As a result, pupils receive good quality education in a safe environment where their best interests are uppermost.

Since it became an Academy in 2014 standards have improved. As a result the Academy achieved a good grade in its 2016 Ofsted Inspection. Our approach to teaching and learning is very inclusive and we strive to ensure that the support and feedback given to pupils results in all groups learning equally well in lessons.

Alpha Academies Trust and our governors have supported significant investment in buildings and facilities here since 2014, creating a first class learning environment for pupils and staff alike. We are proud of the improvements we have made at Maple Court Academy and urge all candidates for positions here to come and see it for themselves.

“The College Academies Trust (Alpha Academies Trust) has set a clear vision for the academy to provide an excellent quality of education for its pupils. The trust and the local governing body hold leaders rigorously to account for delivering this strategic plan.”

“The College Academies Trust (Alpha Academies Trust) sets a very clear vision for all its educational providers: to champion the life chances of learners in the community it serves. This vision is systematically implemented in Maple Court Academy. As a result, pupils now receive good-quality education in a safe environment in which their best interests are uppermost.”

“The approach to teaching is very inclusive. The individual challenge, support and feedback given to pupils ensure all groups learn equally well in lessons. For example, disabled pupils and those with special educational needs are well supported in lessons, and so learn as well as other pupils.”

Studio College

The Studio College, Manufacturing and Design Excellence (MaDE) was established in 2012 and 2013 offering high quality vocational pathways for students aged 14-19 years.

Most pre-16 students join from partner schools in the Trust, whilst post 16 students join from across the City.

MaDE was judged ‘requires improvement’ in 2015.

“Leaders’ actions to improve attendance are effective. Attendance is above the national average.”

“Students spoke to inspectors very enthusiastically about their studies. They behave well in lessons, say that they feel safe and benefit from highly productive relationships with both staff and their classmates.”

“Students receive good quality guidance, care and support from personal coaches. This enables students to review their progress, and discuss their plans for the future.”

Reach Academy

Reach Academy was established to give the students in Stoke-On-Trent the very best in Alternative Provision. Many of our students have found it difficult in mainstream schools but develop a new attitude towards education here.

We thrive off developing positive traits in young people around resilience and ambition and believe every young person has a right to access outstanding education in order to develop this. We want every student to progress to further education at 16 or pursue their career of choice.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum and a therapeutic enrichment programme focusing on individual interests and skills and provide option choices which engage, enrich and encourage our students to achieve excellence.

Wider Federation

Two schools in the City are federated to the Trust.  Sneyd Green Primary and Birches Head Academy are located in the North of the City.  This enables the schools to access a range of services provided by the Trust whilst remaining a Local Authority School.  Both schools have recently received academy orders to convert as Academies within the Trust.

In total, over 2,500 students aged 4-19 years are currently on roll in our Academies.  Together with the wider Trust federated schools, the numbers of students supported by the Trust extends to around 3,600.

We employ approximately 370 staff across the Trust.

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