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Sharing Files/Folders with OneDrive

  1. Select the file/folder you want to share

2. Click on Share or Copy Link

Share – you can send a message with the link

Copy link – Simply generates a link for you to copy and paste into an email, document,etc…

3. Click on Anyone with the link can edit to change sharing permissions.

This depends on what you want the person clicking on the link to achieve.

Anyone with the link – a public link that anyone can open.
People in Alpha Academies Trust – All users in each Academy.
People with existing access – if the file has been shared before, it will use existing permissions.
Specific people – you would enter the email addresses of the people you want to give access.

Allow editing
Checked : Enables people to view/edit file or view/upload to folder
Unchecked : people can only view the file/folder.

Set expiration date – it will disable the link after the set date.
Set Password – it will ask the user for the password set (you would share this separately)

So for Example, if I wanted to share a file with someone with view only access, I would select Anyone with the link and uncheck Allow editing

4. Depending on whether you selected Share or Copy link

Enter Email address(es)
Enter Message
Click on Send

Copy link – Click on Copy and paste this into your email, document, etc…

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