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Won’t the Academy lose its identity?

Academies within the trust have their own identity in line with the ethos of the trust

Won’t governors lose control?

Local governing bodies have a big role to play and have to demonstrate their effectiveness to Ofsted. The Chair represents the academy on the Trust board

What about staff terms and conditions?

Staff retain their terms and conditions under TUPE. Many staff will have access to greater professional development opportunities

What happens if the Academy under performs?

The Trust works with the local governing body to bring about improvement rapidly

Who is the employer?

The Academy continues to employ its own staff

It feels a bit like a local authority. What’s the difference?

The Academy will have far more scope to influence the development of the Trust and to use the freedoms which are made available to Academies

Why not convert as a stand alone Academy?

Stand alone academies can be vulnerable. As a group, there’s safety in numbers and much more support available. Academies are businesses and there’s a great deal involved in their running.

How do we protect our budget?

A small top slice of will provide very cost effective services. The aim of the Trust is provide the very best education for young people, NOT to make financial gain for anyone. The Academy’s budget will be used for the students of that Academy. Any extra revenue will come back to the Academy.

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